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Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, utilizing Michael Martin's book of the same name, is a course/seminar designed for churches, schools, businesses and families as well as individuals looking to understand and create a plan of action to help stop this from happening.

We will be scheduling this class/seminar at our facility in Bristol but we are also willing to travel to your location to offer this class/seminar directly to your group/organization if you have the facilities and room for us to do so.

This 4-5 hour course/seminar is FREE with the purchase of the class book. The cost of the book is $35 at the class or you can order it online by clicking here (or from our offers page) for $27 and shipping is FREE, if you order online please make sure you order early in order to allow enough time for book to be delivered prior to attending your registered course date. Even if you are not able to attend this free class/seminar you can still buy the book at the discounted rate online and review the information for yourself at your own pace.

In the first part of this class you will see what we have learned from prior mass shooting events, including information on weapon types, magazine capacities, psychology behind the incidents and much more. It's a real eye opener when you look at the facts and statistics in black and white.

In the second part of the class we will discuss plans and ideas that can help make you and/or your organization safer to this kind of attack.

From churches to schools to civic organizaitons the knowledge and skills you will learn are important to developing the proper safety plan and response to such an incident. You will walk away with the knowledge of how to put a plan together, who should be involved, how to test your plan for effectiveness and more.

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