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CT/FL/ME Pistol Permit Class
Utah CCW Class
CT Security Guard Classes

  * Guard Card
  * Blue Card
  * Blue Card Recertification
  * Handcuffing
      (Coming Soon)
  * OC Pepper Spray
      (Coming Soon)
  * Monadnock Baton
      (Coming Soon)
CT Bail Enforcement Class
(Coming Soon)
LEOSA HR218 Qualification
Private Lessons/Coaching
(Coming Soon)
USCCA Instructor Class
Advanced Classes
(Coming Soon)
  * Armed American Citizen
  * Weapons Retention
  * Low Light Shooting
  * Defensive Pistol
  * Defensive Carbine
  * Defensive Shotgun
  * Personal Protection
NRA Rifle Class
(Coming Soon)
NRA Shotgun Class
(Coming Soon)
Range Officer Class
(Coming Soon)
NRA Instructor Classes
(Coming Soon)
Reloading Class
(Coming Soon)
Armorer Classes
(Coming Soon)
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USCCA Instructor Class
Starting in mid-end of July we will be offering the USCCA Instructor class.

Whether you wish to become a Firearm Instructor or are already a NRA Certified Instructor this is a great opportunity to get USCCA Instructor Certification.

The classes you will be able to offer include Basic Handgun, Concealed Carry and Home Defense.

Your students will be able to use the certifications you give them for competing your class to apply for their CT Pistol Permit and nonresident permits from many other states.

We will have more information here soon.

If you wish to be notified when we update this page and add class dates please fill out the below form.