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  Utah & Mass
CCW Class
Utah Class

Currently we do not have a UT Instructor available to teach this class. Please check back as we hope to have an instructor in place soon.

The Utah Permit is one of the top "multi-state" accepted permits you can add to your wallet and with a CT Resident Permit and a UT Non-Resident Permit your permits will be valid/honored in 33 states.

Fees for the Utah Permit are $51 for the initial permit and $15 for renewals every 5 years making it one of the most affordable permits available.

If you want to obtain a Non Resident Utah CCW Permit you must take a course given by a Utah Certified Instructor. The class consists of 4 hours of classroom training on firearm safety and Utah law. The fee for this class is $100.

The following map shows the states that you will be able to carry in with a CT Resident Permit and a UT Non-Resident Permit and is current as of 12/09/2016.

Please verify the below map information with each State before traveling into those States as laws and reciprocity agreements can change at anytime.
(Map courtesy of
No classes are scheduled as we are seeking a UT Instructor to join our group, please check back soon.
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