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UT Pistol Permit Classes
Class Information

This is the Utah BCI approved Handgun Class you need to take if you wish to obtain your Utah Permit.

The Utah Permit is one of the top "multi-state" accepted permits you can add to your wallet and with a Connecticut Resident Permit and a Utah Non-Resident Permit combined your permits will be valid/honored in 35 states.

Fees for the Utah Permit are $62 for the initial permit and $25.75 for renewals every 5 years making it one of the most affordable permits available from any state.

The class consists of 4 hours of classroom training on firearm safety and Utah law.

The following map shows the states that you will be able to carry in with a CT Resident Permit and a UT Non-Resident Permit and is current as of 11/05/2018. Please note that both Maine and New Hampshire are now Constitutional Carry states and while they do not show as accepting a CT or UT permit it is because no permit is required to carry open or concealed in those states so they have been selected on map for clarity.

Please verify the below map information with each State before traveling into those States as laws and reciprocity agreements can change at anytime.

(Map courtesy of (Build your own map at



All Utah Permit classes are held in Southington, CT.




The fee for the Utah Handgun Class is $100 and includes the application and fingerprint cards, after the class you will need to get your fingerprints taken and a get a passport photo prior to sending in your application.


Payment for the UT class is accepted by cash only. No credit cards, checks, etc...




You should already have a current and valid Connecticut Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers or a current and valid permit from your home state prior to attending this class.


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