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CT Pistol Permit Classes
We currently offer the USCCA Basic Handgun class in an all inclusive one day, in person class.
This class is officially approved by the State of Connecticut Special License and Firearm Unit and meet the training requirement to apply for a CT Pistol Permit or Handgun and/or Long Gun Eligibility Certificates.
Class Information

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Basic Handgun Class is a fun, fast paced class that will help both beginners and experts learn the skills to safely handle and carry pistols and revolvers with an emphasis on carrying a gun or keeping one in the home for self defense. The class includes classroom training on gun parts and operation, ammunition, malfunctions, cleaning, storage, loading and unloading, shooting fundamentals, range safety and pistol sports and activities.
Connecticut laws will be discussed in general and information will be given on how students should follow up with advanced training classes that get into much greater detail about the laws and advanced shooting skills. It is highly recommended that all students follow up their basic training and take these advanced courses once they receive their permit and purchase their own handgun.
Students will be required to pass a written exam and demonstrate safe gun handling while completing a live fire exercise on the shooting range.
In addition, we will go over the Connecticut Pistol Permit process and a few other state's non resident permit processes so that you can successfully apply for and receive your permit(s).
The USCCA class is one day, one fee and meets all of the education requirements to apply for your Connecticut Pistol Permit as well as non resident permits from numerous other states including Florida, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and more.


Class Location


Connecticut Firearms Training Academy, 1224 Farmington Ave. 2nd Floor Unit D, in Berlin, CT.


Fee and Deposit


The fee for our CT Pistol Class is $135 and a $10 deposit must be paid immediately after submitting the registration form below. Balance of $125 will be due when you arrive for your class.




All firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection and other needed range equipment will be provided for you as needed, although we intend to sanitize our loaner equipment between uses during this time we recommend using your own eye and ear protection if you have it available to you.



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