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Become A USCCA Instructor

Are you interested in becoming a firearms trainer who can provide their students with a reliable and relevant education? No matter where you are in your firearms training, we have an instructor option for you! By becoming a USCCA Instructor, you can arm your students with the highest quality materials to ensure they know how to safely handle their firearm.

If you’re ready to become a highly trained firearms instructor who is prepared to arm their students with an exceptional education then you’re ready to become a USCCA Certified Instructor!

Benefits Of Being A Certified Instructor

  • You will be able to advertise yourself and your classes under the USCCA brand, and will be provided with USCCA logos for print materials, your website, social media, and apparel.

  • Your name and classes will be advertised on the USCCA website.

  • Your classes will be referred to those in search of a class near you by the USCCA Member Services team.

  • You will be able to provide your students with a USCCA certificate so that they are able to apply for a CCW or Carry Permit in their home state.

  • You will be able to earn 50% commission on any students of yours that you refer to join the USCCA.

  • You will be afforded premium discounts on bulk textbook purchases starting at 46% for 1 case, 50% for 2 cases and 54% for 3 or more cases of Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals. Plus, free shipping (average of $20 per case.)

  • You will be able to purchase a case of the latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, the ultimate resource for self-reliant citizens, to give to your students. You’ll receive an 83% discount off the cover price per issue. Plus, free shipping (average of $20 per case.)

  • You will be eligible to purchase additional USCCA branded curriculum at the discount and add certifications to your resume by taking additional training with USCCA Training Counselors.

  • You will have unrestricted access to the USCCA Instructor Portal where you will find presentation support videos, lesson plans, registration forms, quizzes, state supplements, etc…

  • You will be qualified to apply to become a USCCA Training Counselor and certify other instructors.

Steps To Become A Certified Instructor

  1. Sign up below for one of our scheduled USCCA Instructor Certification classes with our USCCA Training Counselors.

  2. Activate and complete the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals eLearning module. The cost for this is $250 and is paid directly to the USCCA.

    At this time, you will also purchase your USCCA Instructor Toolkit which includes your classroom presentation PowerPoint, 10 copies of Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals by Author Michael Martin, a classroom poster, 10 copies of Concealed Carry Magazine, and a USCCA Instructor Polo and range cap.

    Call 1-877-577-4800 to purchase your eLearning module and to order your toolkit. Instructor candidates can purchase these together at a discounted price. (You will receive your toolkit after completing Step 3, the USCCA Instructor Certification Course.)

  3. Attend the USCCA Instructor Certification course with our USCCA Training Counselors and qualify by passing both live fire and written examinations. You will receive your toolkit from the USCCA after completing the in person two day USCCA Instructor Certification Course. The cost for this is $347 payable the first morning of your in person class. Please note, you must complete the eLearning Module prior to attendance of this class.
Whether you wish to become a newly certified Firearm Instructor or are already a NRA Certified Instructor this is a great opportunity to obtain USCCA Instructor Certification to add to your skill set and credential portfolio.

Once you become a Certified USCCA Instructor by successfully completing this class you will be able to offer classes that include Basic Handgun, Concealed Carry and Home Defense. USCCA Instructors also will be able to add more credentials and Instruct several new classes/seminars that are currently being created by the USCCA.

Your students will be able to use the certifications you give them for completing your Basic Handgun class to apply for their CT Pistol Permit and nonresident permits from many other states.
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