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 Residents of Connecticut who wish to purchase, possess and transport pistols and revolvers outside their homes within the state of Connecticut or who wish to carry a loaded handgun on their person for personal protection in the event of a self defense situation must first obtain a CT Permit to Carry Pistol and Revolvers. With this permit you will also be able to purchase rifles, shotguns and ammunition without needing to get another certificate or permit. (Recently passed PA 13-3 requires that after April 1, 2014 any purchaser of a rifle or shotgun hold a Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers, a Handgun Eligibility Certificate or the newly created "Long gun Eligibility Certificate" Ammunition certificates will be required to purchase ammunition or magazines after October 1st of 2013).

One of the things you must do prior to submitting your application for a CT Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers or a CT Handgun Eligibility Certificate is to successfully complete an approved course in handgun safety.

The USCCA Basic Handgun Class we offer meets this requirement in Connecticut, successful completion of this course also meets the training requirement to apply for Non-Resident Carry Permits in Florida, Maine and several other states.

Please select CT Pistol Permit Class on the menu above to view more information, the class schedule and to register and reserve your seat.

CT Resident Permit Holders who travel or just wish to be able to legally carry or transport handguns in more states often like to obtain Non Resident Permits from various other states. Two of the most popular permits to obtain are the Non-Resident Florida Permit and Non-Resident Utah Permit as they are honored and/or recognized in numerous other states. Click Here to compare the two permits and see which one might be best for you.



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