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 Welcome to the online home of Connecticut Firearm Training Academy LLC.

Conveniently located in Central CT we currently offer basic firearm classes as well as advanced self defense classes and much more.

If you are looking to obtain your CT Pistol Permit you have come to the right place, this class is our specialty, we have been teaching the NRA and the USCCA handgun safety class you are required to take in order to apply and obtain a CT Permit for over two decades and we hold these classes at least 3 times every month.

Retired Law Enforcement Officers looking to carry nationwide under LEOSA (HR218) can receive their annual certification with our POST Certified Instructor.

Looking to obtain a nonresident Utah Permit, we have a BCI Certified Utah Instructor that offers the Utah class several times a year.

Interested in becoming an USCCA Instructor? We can help with that too. We try to schedule 2 or 3 USCCA Instructor Workshops every year. If you ever wanted to share your knowledge and instruct new shooters this is for you. The USCCA is a great organization to become a part of and their training and support is top notch.

We are now offering eGift Cards for our classes. Click here to order yours today!!!