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  CT Pistol Permit Classes            USCCA Instructor Workshop  
  Looking to obtain your CT Pistol Permit or a nonresident permit from another state? This is the class for you. We offer this class 2-3 times a month. Want to share your passion of firearms and your knowledge and skills?  Become a USCCA Certified Instructor by attending one of our USCCA Instructor Workshops.
  UT Pistol Permit Class   LEOSA Certification  
  Want to add a nonresident Utah Pistol Permit to your wallet? We offer the Utah class several times a year. Currently with your CT resident permit and Utah nonresident permit you will be able to carry in 35 states!!!! Retired Law Enforcement Officers wishing to carry Nationwide must qualify every year with a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor. Our CT POST Instructor can perform your annual certification without you having to make an appointment with your old department.  
  Countering the Mass Shooter Threat   The Armed American Citizen  
  In this class/seminar, utilizing the book Countering the Mass Shooter by Michael Martin, we will analyze the data gathered from mass shootings to determine what can be learned from these tragedies and what would or could have changed the outcomes.
We will look at whether "gun free" zones figure into the planning of these mass murders; whether the victim response had made a difference; and whether "universal background checks" or any other proposals stand a chance of stemming the current trajectory of these shootings.

We will summarize this data and discuss a comprehensive plan designed to eliminate the scourge of these shooters once and for all.
  Already have your permit and want to obtain the proper training and mindset to carry for personal protection? This is the class for you. Based on the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense curriculum you will gain the knowledge to safely carry and protect yourself both in the home and out in public.